Our Amazing Coffee: Why Bulletproof Coffee Tricks Your Body Into Burning More Fat

Blending grass-fed ghee and MCT oil (coconut oil extract) into your coffee each morning is more than just a fad – it quickly becomes a way of life. This article explains why we integrate this magic coffee, or tea if you prefer, into the daily program.

Our ultimate goal while you’re here is to keep your body happy and knowing that it can afford to burn some extra fat and still not starve to death. Obviously your brain knows that already or you wouldn’t be reading this article, but your body is another story. Our bodies are built to conserve energy at any cost. So in this modern world full of processed temptations and sweet treats, we have to ‘trick’ it into knowing that it’s ok to get rid of some of its fat cells. If it perceives it’s being starved to death, it won’t let go of fat so easily. (That’s part of why crash diets don’t work, but that’s another story….)

If this sounds weird or crazy to you, try a sip and see how you feel. It tastes like a rich, creamy hot latte and is very satisfying as your breakfast on the go.

Normally, you’d feel pretty hungry if you tried to fast by skipping breakfast or going 17 hours without eating, right? Even though we know the benefits of traditional fasting are incredibly powerful, it’s just really hard to do, day after day.

That’s where our amazing coffee, also called Bulletproof Coffee, butter coffee or fat coffee, comes in alongside intermittent fasting. It makes it easy! When consumed each morning instead of a solid breakfast, this blended beverage is a great way to keep your body in ketosis (fat burning mode) longer, and essentially to trick your body into burning more fat every day.

We call it magic because it:

  • Keeps you burning fat longer;
  • Helps stave off hunger until your lunchtime meal and reduce cravings overall;
  • Provides your body with the nutrient dense healthy fats it needs to thrive;
  • Gives your brain MCT oil, which consists of the most powerful fatty-acids in coconut oil. It goes straight to your brain for fuel, providing you ketones so you feel alert, focused, and almost immediately full (learn more about the science behind MCTs here).

This coffee basically enables you to successfully do your intermittent fasting longer, with much less ‘hanger’ and fewer cravings than you’d have if you just tried to eat nothing for 17 hours a day. [For more information about how intermittent fasting works, please read our intermittent fasting post.]

Many people stick with this coffee for life, using it as a permanent meal replacement for breakfast. It works long term because it can keep you full for hours, allowing you to intermittent fast at work or during travel, times people usually start to snack on junk food.  All you need is a blender, black coffee, and grass-fed butter/ghee and MCT oil. And maybe even some coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon for flavor.

If this sounds weird or crazy to you, try a sip and see how you feel. It tastes like a rich, creamy hot latte and is very satisfying as your breakfast on the go.

Have you heard of ketosis? Here’s the skinny – literally.

Your body enters into fat burning mode while you sleep naturally, and you wake up in fat burning mode every morning. As we like to say here, “your bed is your treadmill!” Truly, getting lots of sleep helps lose weight.

But what happens to most people when they wake up? They eat toast or cereal, immediately reentering their body’s old way of burning sugar and carbs for energy. They burn up fast, leaving you hungry mid-morning or craving more. Sound familiar? What if you could keep your body in fat burning mode a few hours longer each day, even all morning and maybe even in the afternoon?


About the Author:

We are a Phuket based wellness retreat designed to help you lose weight, detoxify your body, and restore you to optimal health and energy levels. Losing weight can be extremely stressful – if you have ever struggled with losing weight you will know this already!